Fire Fighting

With its "Audoli&Bertola" Division, Gruppo Aturia operates in the fire-fighting field by supplying pumping units that comply with European Standards (EN 12845 and EN 12259-12) and the US standard (NFPA 20).

Audoli&Bertola’s technical expertise allows to easily operate in civil and industrial sectors and comply with the strictest specifications required by refineries, petrochemical industries, off-shore infrastructures, platforms and in-shore infrastructures. Audoli&Bertola has developed a range of products for explosive risk areas: many products have been made with diesel and gas engines,

suitable to operate in EExd II B or C Atex areas. Gruppo Aturia can supply an extensive range of centrifugal pumps for fire-fighting services, both with a vertical and a horizontal design. Audoli&Bertola is the only Pump Manufacturer in Europe that was given Factory Mutual’s approval for:

  • Vertical Pumps: from 500 RPM to 4000 RPM, at 50 and at 60 Hz.
  • Split Case Pumps: from 750 RPM to 2000 RPM, at 50 and at 60 Hz.